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As a skilled Hair Stylist with a deep-rooted passion, I have honed my craft since 2012 in the picturesque region of Southern Utah. Creating stunning hair is not just my profession; it is my calling.

During my journey, I discovered the immense joy of fostering a warm and inclusive environment for my clients. I provide a safe space where they can freely express themselves, knowing they will be genuinely heard, seen, and understood. This realization has inspired me to expand my knowledge and skills further.


Currently pursuing a degree in therapy, I am dedicated to offering a holistic experience that combines my expertise in hairstyling with a compassionate approach to emotional well-being. Join me at my salon, where together, we can create beautiful hair and cultivate an atmosphere where you can truly thrive.


I find great joy in crafting dimensional colors that bring vibrancy to life. With meticulous attention to detail and a profound understanding of color theory, I curate shades and blend them skillfully to create a personalized result that highlights your unique features. Alongside stunning colors, I specialize in personalized cuts that enhance your natural beauty. My ultimate goal is to create a flawless reflection of your individual style, leaving you feeling confident and looking your absolute best.


757W telegraph street #208

Washington, Utah


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I've been a Hairapist as long as I've been a Hairstylist. I have found that I love helping my clients with Hairapy as much as helping them with their hair needs.  

I've had my hair done a few times here, and the results have always been fire! I am not used to people complementing how I look, but whenever Celeste does my hair it turns heads! She puts her love and energy into her work and I guarantee you won't be disappointed. My recommendation is to let her run with her creative genius, and you'll be the center of attention when everybody sees how good it is!

- Brenden Whitelaw

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